Real Feeling in the Virtual WorldVirtual Reality with TactSuit
A Real Feeling in a Virtual World Feel every moment and everything you experience in VR content with immediate physical feedbacks delivered by TactSuit.
Playing VR with TactSuit
Pair TactSuit to PC or Standalone VR
Game w/ Native Support
Play the natively supported game
Audio to Haptic
Turn on Audio-to-Haptic
(select VR > Stereo or Surround based on our content type)
Play any PCVR game
Native support (Steam VR)
MOD: you need to install an additional MOD file from the provided link for each game to experience the game with Tactsuit
Native support (Oculus Quest)
Side Quest: the game is available from the Side Questnot from the official Oculus Quest store
Advanced Audio-to-Haptic (Steam VR only): Advanced Audio-to-Haptic mode is available on bHaptics Player for Steam VR games only. When the Advanced mode is selected, haptic feedback is generated not only based on the audio output but also based on basic in-game events, such as firing gunshots and getting attacked.
Arizona Sunshine (*Advanced)
Beat Saber (*Advanced)
Onward VR
Pavlov VRStormland VR
Location-based Entertainment (LBE VR)
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