TactSuit X16
Sixteen feedback points to ​level up your gaming potential​TactSuit X16 is designed to be a strong, yet lightweight haptic vest that you can wear for hours. The short and breathable design makes long sit-down gaming sessions much more enjoyable. TactSuit X16 packs the same vibro-tactile motors used in the TactSuit X40, giving you the same powerful haptic feedback.
Built-in SupportTactSuit is the only haptic suit that has been integrated into VR games. Enjoy optimized haptic feedback designed for each unique in-game event. Level up your gaming potential with positional tactile feedback.
No Wires. No Latency.Enjoy lag-free, wireless haptics via Bluetooth connectivity. Untethered, real-time haptic feedback will only heighten your immersion. Completely immerse yourself in content without having anything get in your way, even wires.
Cross Platform SupportTactSuit X 16 can be connected to almost all devices via Bluetooth or audio cable. Pair your TactSuit X16 to your device via Bluetooth to enjoy embedded haptics. Plug in your TactSuit for audio-based haptics with standalone VR, console, and mobile. Enjoy state-of-the-art haptic feedback and seamless connectivity with or without wires.*Wired connection supports stereo haptics only ​
16 Haptic Points
Dual Connectivity
VR Ready w/ Embedded Haptics
Lag-free Wireless Freedom
Detachable & Washable Mesh lining
Quick Suit Up
Cross-Platform Support
Tech Specs
Haptics16 ERM motors
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0 (BLE) 3.5mm audio jack
Charging2.5hrs w/ 5V 2A (max) USB Type C
BatteryLi-ion rechargeable battery (3.63V, 4900mAh, 17.787Wh)
PlaytimeUp to 22hrs*
SizeFree 25’’ ~ 50’’
*When all feedback points are operating for 1 sec in every 10 sec at maximum intensity.