Tactosy for Arms
Tactosy for ArmsHaptic sleeves for arms
Embrace Your ArtilleryFeel the raw power of the m249 and PKM machine guns as they rattle off deadly rounds! Heighten your immersion with haptics to feel recoils, impacts, shots and spell castings.
12 Haptic Feedback PointsDelivers precise mapping of sensations with 6 vibrations points on each arm.
Audio-based HapticsTactosy for Arms is the only Tactosy device that supports Audio-based haptics. Feel every beat or action on your arms and have fun with your music and games.
12 Haptic Feedback Points
Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity
Long Battery Life
Detachable & Washable Mesh lining
Quick Suit Up
Water-resistant fabric
Tech Specs
Haptics12 ERM motors per pair
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
USBType C charging port
PlaytimeUp to 18.4hrs*
Charging Time1.5hrs w/ 5V 2A (max)
BatteryLi-ion rechargeable battery (3.8V, 2900mAh, 11Wh)
SizeFree (Adjustable straps)
Weight300g / 0.66lbs (each)
*When all feedback points are operating for 1 sec in every 5 sec at maximum intensity.