DownloadsGet the latest bHaptics software and manuals
bHaptics PlayerDownload the latest bHaptics Player for pairing, device information, battery level, etc.
Windows10(Version 1703 and onwards)
bHaptics PortalDownload bHaptics Portal to check out upcoming PC VR games and download mods.
bHaptics StudioUse bHaptics Studio to configure audio-based haptic frequency settings and create your own audio-based haptic profiles.
ManualDownload the latest manual of your TactSuit device.
Wearable Haptic VestTactSuit X Series
Haptic Face Cushion for VR HMDTactal
Haptic Sleeve for ArmsTactosy for Arms
Haptic Armor for HandsTactosy for Hands
Haptic Device For FeetTactosy for Feet