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Quick Start

Please follow below steps to dive into the immersive world that TactSuit guide you.
1. Install and Run bHaptics Player
▶ PC/Laptop :
(Install software according to the OS version of your PC/Laptop Installing improper software may result in an error)
▶ Mobile : (Android) Google PlayStore → search “bHaptics” → install bHaptics Player : (iOS) App Store → search “bHaptics” → install bHaptics Player
2. Startup and Fitting
: Press the power button of the main controller and put on the device.
3. Pairing
: Pair the device with your PC/Laptop or Mobile by following below instruction.
4. Play content with TactSuit
You can enjoy Natively Support Content* or add haptic feedback to Audio to Haptic support content with the bHaptics Player’s “Audio to Haptic” feature.
▶ Natively Support Content
: You can find the list of natively support content in VR > Experiences page.
▶ Audio to Haptic
: Through the Audio to Haptic feature of bHaptics Player, you can enjoy any content with TactSuit only if the content has audio signal. Just turn on the function and play the content whatever you want and then enjoy the immersion that TactSuit delivers


What is the comparative advantage of TactSuit?
Since it was released in 2017, it has been sold worldwide and marked over 83% repurchase rate. It implies that our customers are satisfied with the immersion TactSuit delivers. The reason customers choose TactSuit as their new gadget is because it is the most advanced haptic suit that cannot be replaced. First, it delivers the most elaborate and diverse sense of touch through the combination of various haptic patterns using 70 individually controllable haptic points. You can feel sensations from the virtual content more closely than ever before. A TactSuit consists of 5 devices(TACTOT, TACTAL, and TACTOSY for Arms, Hands and Feet) which can be used all together or individually. When you put on all of the Tactsuit devices, you can feel sensations all over your body. Or you just select one device in accordance with your need. Since all bHaptics devices are connected wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE), there is no restriction of movement. Furthermore, they are designed to fit everyone from children to adults and very easy to put on and take off (it takes only few seconds!) In addition, with our web-based haptic pattern editing tool “bHaptics Designer”, content developers can easily and very simply make customized haptic pattern and create natively support content by implementing the pattern without complicate coding. Like this, TactSuit overwhelms comparative products in all aspects including delicateness of tactile stimulation(i.e. the number of simulation points - TactSuit has more than 70 feedback points), various modularized devices, convenience in wearing and easy content integration.
Which platforms does TactSuit support?
For consumers, You can enjoy various natively supported content on PC, PC based VR, and Oculus Quest(Standalone VR). More platforms will be supported soon. For developers, TactSuit can be used with all platforms/devices that support Bluetooth. You can find the SDKs at"
How to connect TactSuit to PC, Standalone VR or Mobile?
In order to connect TactSuit to PC/Laptop/StandaloneVR/Mobile, you must install bHaptics Player For PC, Laptop and Mobile 1. Download bHaptics Player ▶ PC/Laptop : Visit (caution : Please download the correct Windows version of bHaptics Player for your PC/laptop) ▶ Mobile (Android)Google Playstore → search ""bHaptics"" → install bHaptics Player - (iOS) App Store → search ""bHaptics"" → install bHaptics Player 2. Turn on your bHaptics device(s) (LED indicator will blink in blue light) 3. Run bHaptics Player 4. Right click the device icon and click ""Pair"" For Standalone VR Standalone VR content which natively support TactSuit have internal menu for the device pairing(ex. bHaptics Device or Pairing). The name of the menu is different content by content, so please ask the content developer for more details if you cannot find a bHaptics menu.
Can I use TactSuit devices individually?
The 5 devices of TactSuit operates independently, so you can use all of them together or each one individually in accordance with your needs. If you want to feel sensations all over your body, put on all of the TactSuit devices. When you play content that concerns only certain parts of the body, you can choose to only wear one or two devices.
What contet can I enjoy with TactSuit?
For content that provides native support for Tactsuit (website), you can simply pair your bHaptics device to your PC/Laptop/Standalone VR, using bHaptics Player, and then play the content. The content is embedded with customized haptic patterns by developers of each content in order to deliver the optimal haptic feedback to users. The list of natively supported content is available here: For content that does not provide native support, including PC games, movies and music, use the “Audio to Haptic” mode on bHaptics Player. If you would like more information about “Audio to Haptic”, please see “What is Audio-to-Haptic” section of this FAQ.
What is "Audio to Haptic" and how do I use it?
Audio to Haptic is a function that automatically generates real time haptic feedback based on audio signal of content. Using Audio-to-Haptic, you can play any content such as PC game, movie and music with TactSuit as long as the content provides audio output. Please note that you will receive automatically generated haptic feedback, instead of customized feedback, if you have the Audio-to-Haptic mode turned on while playing natively supported content. To use the Audio to Haptic function, click the Audio to Haptic icon on the bHaptics Player. The Audio-to-Haptic comes in three different modes, melody, concert bass, and action game and you are able to adjust the intensity and duration of feedback.
Can I use TactSuit while it is being charged?
Yes, you can use Tactsuit while it is being charged. However, we do not advise you to do so since the devices will be wired to the charging station and it will restrict your movement, which can eventually result in damaging the product by breaking charging cables and charging port.
What is the meaning of each color of the LED status indicator?
The meaning of LED indicator colors is like below ▶Solid Red : Charging or lack of battery ▶Blink Blue : Waiting for pairing ▶Solid Yellow : Paired ▶White : Fully Charged"
I want to know playtime of each devices
The playtime of each device is as follows: ▶TACTOT : About 13.7 hours ▶TACTAL : About 8.5 hours ▶Tactosy for Arms: About 18.4 hours ▶Tactosy for Hands/Feet: About 36.7 hours *Assumption : All feedback points operating for 1 second in every 10 seconds with maximum intensity.
How can I check my TactSuit information? (ex. Serial Number, Battery Status, SW version and etc.)
You can see detailed information about each of your bHaptics devices, including battery level, serial number, device description and firmware version, using bHapctis Player. To check the details, please follow the below instructions. 1. Pair the device with PC/Laptop or Mobile using the bHaptics Player 2. Go to Settings -> Connected Devices Tab -> Click the device name
Can I use Vive trackers with TactSuit?
You can use Vive trackers with all of the TactSuit devices except TACTAL. We provide Vive tracker mounts with Tactosy for Hands and Tactosy for Feet, but not with Tactot and Tactosy for Arms. If you would like additional mounts for Tactot and Tactosy for Arms, please contact us at
Can I control the intensity of haptic feedback?
You can control the intensity of haptic feedback by adjusting the maximum vibration strength with the intensity bar on bHaptics Player. Please refer to the below image.
Is TactSuit really one-size-fits-all?
TACTOT comes in only one size and is adjusted with side straps, which can cover any waist sizes between 26 and 50’’. For bigger sizes, extension straps are available upon request.
My PC deosn't support Bluetooth. Can I still use Tactsuit with my PC?
Don't worry, even if your PC or Laptop doesn't support Bluetooth, you can still enjoy Bluetooth connection by using a Bluetooth dongle which is enclosed with every bHaptics device. Insert the Bluetooth dongle to a USB port of your PC or laptop. One(1) dongle allows you to connect up to 5 bHaptics devices to your PC or laptop at the same time.
Is there a possibility that Bluetooth connection latency or interference occurs?
It depends on your wireless environment, however, in a normal office setting, it is less than 20ms (99th percentile). You wouldn’t be able to notice latency when playing games.
How many TACTOTs can I link per Bluetooth dongle?
There is a limited number of devices you can connect via Bluetooth due to limitations of Windows protocols. If you would like to connect more than 5 bHaptics devices at the same time, please contact us at Up to 5 bHaptics devices can be connected to your PC using a single BLE dongle. Therefore, all of the TACTSUIT devices(including TACTOSY series) can be connected using only one BLE dongle. "
How far can you go away from Bluetooth source?
You can go as far as 10M in a normal environment, but it is heavily dependent on your environment. It could be further when a line-of-the-sight between the dongle and devices is secured, and shorter when there is heavy wireless signal disturbance.
Do I have to pay customs and taxes?
The product prices stated on bHaptics Shop do not include any taxes or duties. Customers who make purchase on bHaptics website may be contacted by their local customs authority regarding import duties and customs and required to pay taxes in accordance with their local rules and regulations. For further information about import taxes and duties, please contact your local customs authority. For your reference, HS code for all bHaptics products is 8543.70-9090. **Please note that HS code may vary widely from country to country.
How long does it take to be delivered and how much is delivery fee?
Usually the package is shipped within 3~5 business days after your payment is confirmed, however, it could be delayed in special circumstances. Please note that the delivery fee is decided based on the volume and destination of the shipment. The exact shipping fee will be shown on the right column during check-out before making payment.
How can I track my order?
When the shipping begins, a shipping courier will contact you via an email address you provided during the check-out process in order to inform you of a tracking number for your shipment.
How to cancel, return and request refund?
To cancel your order or request refund, please follow the instructions below. Cancellation You can request cancellation only if the package has not left our warehouse. To cancel your order, please send us an email at with your order number, your name, and email address. We only accept returns only when a product is defective or when you haven’t opened the packaging. A request for return/refund may be denied when the security seal on the packaging is broken. For more information, please see here: Cancellation, Return & Refund Policy
How about warranty?
We provide a limited warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase or delivery of the product, whichever is late. However, if you purchase the product from the EU or EFTA states, the warranty period shall be 2 years. For further information, please see here:
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Repair Services
We provide repair service according to following procedures
1. Request
Click “Request Repair ” button, fill out the form and submit.
2. Confirmation
When your request is received, our customer service center will contact you.
3. Return
You have to return the device to our service center.
4. Diagnose
When the device is arrived, our engineers will diagnoses condition of it.
5. Notify
Notify details of repair, estimated schedule, cost and etc.
6. Payment
Pay for the repair.
7. Repair
We will contact you within 2~3 business days.


The TactSuit is compatible with most platforms, and provide an SDK for each one.
bHaptics Player
bHaptics Player is a SW which delivers haptic feedback to TactSuit by connecting it with PC, laptop and mobile. ​
Also device control, device information, Audio to Haptic function are available in it. ​
Windows 10 (Optimised for version 1703 onwards)
Download for Windows 10Audio to Haptic Tutorial
Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
Download for Windows 8.1
Download for AndroidDownload for iOS

Download the latest manual of your device.