Real Feeling in the Virtual World

Virtual Reality with TactSuit

Samurai cuts and gunshots, or even a sharp zombie bite and crawl on your body. Most elaborate haptic integrations will fill your gaming experience with full of surprizes.

Hug, Shake Hands and Pat on the back. We connect people in real life. Our physical haptic interface provides a new way to connect friends and families who are physically distant apart.

Tactsuit provides the most effective way to train users by delivering immediate haptic feedbacks for user’s actions. Trainees (military/workforce/sports) and medical patients (rehabilitations/PTSD) will achieve most pleasant results after completing their task integrated with Tactsuit.


Native Support

Pre-embedded haptic feedback pattern for VR gaming. (available in Steam & Oculus Store)


Audio-to-haptic Support

Realtime haptic conversion of 7.1 sound channel. Different audio-to-haptic modes are available for different genre.




Variety of LBVR contents natively supports the TactSuit. Expand and differentiate between your game and others by applying TactSuit and its content.