Tactosy for Hands
Tactosy for HandsHaptic armors for your hands
Train like a proFeel the real punch as you land a jab. Jump into the ring and get that adrenaline!
6 Feedback PointsReal-time haptic feedback delivered by 3 feedback points on the back of each hand completes your workout.
Secure with Dual LocksThe devices stay securely fastened on your hands even after extreme workout sessions. The combination of Velcro and magnetic fasteners will keep you going without worrying about loose fit.
6 Haptic Feedback Points
Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity
Long Battery Life
Detachable & Washable Mesh lining
Quick Suit Up
Water-resistant fabric
Tech Specs
Haptics6 ERM motors per pair
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
USBType C charging port
PlaytimeUp to 36.7hrs*
Charging Time1.5hrs w/ 5V 2A (max)
BatteryLi-ion rechargeable battery (3.8V, 2900mAh, 11Wh)
SizeFree (Adjustable straps)
Weight230g / 0.5lbs (each)
*When all feedback points are operating for 1 sec in every 5 sec at maximum intensity.*You will not be able to fit Valve Index controllers with the Tactosy for Hands on due to its design.