Enjoy the most dynamic gameplay with 360° directional haptic feedback
NEXT LEVEL IMMERSIONOptimized Haptics with Mod SupportPositional touch-sensory feedback transports you right into the middle of the battlefield. Feel when and where you get shot and react immediately. Powerful gun recoils and rapid heartbeats will make you feel as if you are in the middle of the action.
bHaptics PortalDownload TactSuit mods from bHaptics Portal to receive optimized haptic feedback for basic in-game events.CurrentlyDownload
TACTSUIT X 7.1 CHANNELEnhanced Spatial Realism with Audio-based HapticsDive into your game and feel every move and action. Real-time sound-based stereo haptic feedback will tell you the direction of gun fires, explosions and everything else happening in the game.
Audio-based HapticsDon’t just rely on sound to stay immersed in your game. Engage your sense of touch to respond instinctively to everything happening around you. Turn on the Audio-to-Haptic mode on the bHaptics Player to gain the competitive edge with 7.1 surround haptics based on audio signals.*Audio-to-Haptics is available for TactSuit X40, TactSuit X16 and Tactosy for Arms only.
Setup GuideLearn how to setup TactSuit with your PC.
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Customize the FeelsAlthough audio-based haptics converts audio output of your content, you can still configure audio-based haptics frequency settings to your liking. Create your own customized profiles to select frequencies and activation area you want to feel.bHaptics Studio