Feel the beat.
Feel the action.
Breathe life into your favorite music and movies with TactSuit. The state-of-the-art Audio-to-Haptic technology converts audio signals into haptic feedback in real time.
Extend Your Hearing SensorySound Monitoring with Audio-based HapticsFeel the trembling bass, heart throbbing beats and rhythm. Our unique Audio-to-Haptic software converts every sound signal into haptic feedback. Choose to feel certain frequencies only while working on or simply listening to your music.
Set Up Your Own 4D Home TheaterFeel the Action with Audio-based HapticsFeel the action of an intense car chase and the danger of a zombie apocalypse at home. Get that immersive multi-sensory cinematic experience in your own room.
Setup GuideLearn how to setup TactSuit with your PC for music and movies.
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Customize the FeelsAlthough audio-based haptics converts audio output of your content, you can still configure audio-based haptics frequency settings to your liking. Create your own customized profiles to select frequencies and activation area you want to feel.bHaptics Studio