Amplify Your Haptics.
Heighten Your Immersion.
Plug in and take your console gaming to the next level with real-time stereo haptics.
Unleash Your Inner RacerWired Audio-based HapticsAre you ready for the most exhilarating and immersive ride of your life? Step into the driver's seat and feel the powerful engine and intense speed with audio-based stereo haptic feedback.
Play with IntuitionWired Audio-based HapticsDive into your game and feel every move and action. Real-time sound-based stereo haptic feedback will tell you the direction of gun fires, explosions and everything else happening in the game.
Setup GuideLearn how to setup TactSuit with your Console.
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Customize the FeelsAlthough audio-based haptics converts audio output of your content, you can still configure audio-based haptics frequency settings to your liking. Create your own customized profiles to select frequencies and activation area you want to feel.bHaptics Studio